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We shop on Fridays around here, so by this point in the week, there’s often not much in the fridge. That’s why today’s lunch pretty much resembles yesterday’s. The last Rice Krispie treat, the last couple of pieces of turkey (with a cheese stick I found in the back of the cheese drawer). Melon (we always have a lot of fruit around). Carrots. I tried to get an okay on the hummus I thought would be a good dip, but no go. Ranch it is. I’ll keep trying on hummus. Two teensy mini banana muffins. And that orange cylinder is thermos with the ice cold water.

A few comments on nutrition. That orange thermos represents a major change in the drinking habits of Tiniest Tiffin, who’s just not drinking juice anymore. Water or milk. I’m glad to see that turned around. I’d say it’s been a pretty decent week nutritionally speaking, for that reason alone. A significant change in a habit for the better totally outweighs three days of Rice Krispie treats. And the carrots are a big deal too. It’s new to have both a fruit and a veggie, but he’s learning at school that a proper lunch involves both a fruit and a veg.

I’ve enjoyed this week of lunches. Weekends are for posting about general lunch topics. Saturday Tiffin will feature a compilation of sites I’ve found for buying tiffin tins online in the United States. See you then.

Written by bloglily

September 1, 2006 at 8:56 pm

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