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Rampant Growth!

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Purple grapes, vanilla yogurt with strawberries, bread sticks and turkey. Water.

Okay. First thing I want to say is — this is not the most attractive lunch I’ve ever put together. It’s delicious, but do you really want your lunch to have a trading card in it called “Rampant Growth”? One of the Tiffin Twins chose this to give to Tiniest Tiffin. They were both quite pleased with this transaction. I kept thinking about how unappetizing it was, although it’s certainly a good description of what children do.  They grow.  Rampantly.

There’s a lesson here: children don’t have the same antenna about some things as we. Boys like trading cards. They like opening their lunch boxes and seeing them. It makes them happy. Their friends offer to give them junk food in exchange. (Tiniest Tiffin, remarkably, did not trade his card for doritos. He thought his brother might be mad if he did that. Whatever his motives, I’m glad he kept the card.)

And also this lunch makes me think about how it’s not good to have too much white food in your lunch. I put some strawberries into the vanilla yogurt. But the turkey and bread sticks were, well, white. No way around that. The grapes are purple, so it wasn’t an unmitigated white-out. Tomorrow, it’s time to put that turkey in a baguette, where it more properly belongs.

Written by bloglily

September 18, 2006 at 9:45 pm

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