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Fruit and Yogurt on the Open Market

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Here it is then, the lunch to follow up the lunch that got dissed by the kid who hates Valentine’s Day, the kid who told Tiniest Tiffin his heart napkin sucked.

The mighty Tiniest Tiffin’s response: TWO heart napkins. Take that. And some strawberries and cantelope with really good whole milk vanilla yogurt to dip the fruit into. Creamy, yummy. UMMMM. (Not to mention some turkey roll ups, a couple of goldfish and two of those starburst things that have Valentine’s patterns on them. Oh. And carrots.)

We’re coming home and I ask him how lunch went. Apparently, on the open market of the cafeteria, fruit and yogurt is like gold during a serious inflationary period.  Here’s how he made out:

  • A gave me a chip for a piece of fruit with some yogurt on it.
  • N gave me two yogos for a strawberry with yogurt.
  • L gave me two chips for a cantelope with yogurt.
  • J gave me a cookie for fruit with yogurt.

L, I’d like to say, is the kid who said Tiniest Tiffin’s heart napkin wasn’t up to snuff.

Tomorrow I’m packing extra fruit & yogurt. I’d say three chips, two yogos and a cookie isn’t going to kill the triumphant Mr. Tiffin and is worth it seeing as how he’s winning hearts and minds through the fruit & yo program.

Written by bloglily

February 13, 2007 at 4:27 pm

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  1. Yogurt is always good. It’s one method of getting calcium in a child who doesn’t always appreciate drinking milk.

    Sue Crocker

    February 18, 2007 at 5:24 am

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